Thursday, 10 January 2008

JAFA in the making

I've already mentioned this.

I'm moving.

To Auckland.

I am to become a JAFA. JAFA for those who aren't in the know is an acronym for Just Another Fu...Flaming Aucklander.

Auckland has the distinction of being the largest city in New Zealand. Somewhat over 1,000,000 souls live in the greater Auckland area, which is rather sad for New Zealand as a whole. Housing costs are high and the traffic is a nightmare. The problem as I see it is that the national infrastructure cannot support a city of that size, roughly a quarter of the population of the country live in Auckland and there simply isn't enough money in the pot to cure the problems.

However, I digress. As I said, I'm moving there because I have been offered a job that pays me considerably more than I earn now, roughly tripling my income. I know I'm silly, but I ain't daft! To decline that sort of income would be stupid in the extreme. A client of mine is going from completely manual to computerised and they've asked me to join them to handle the IT side of things and to take over from the Office Manager who is leaving in March.

There is a curates egg element to it. I like living here and have friends here who I shall miss dreadfully but I do need to look to the future and having a little money would be rather nice. I don't need a lot but to know that when the shit hits the fan I can deal with it has a lot going for it.

What I'd forgotten was the personal trauma of moving. I have to find somewhere to live and that isn't easy. I have two cats and rental properties that will allow pets are few and far between. I'm also down here, rather than up there, so viewing properties is awkward at best. Whilst I could select a place from a distance, most landlords actually want to meet the prospective tenant so I have to be there. I do go up to Auckland for a day or two at a time, but my time up there is limited and must be shared with work so there's some serious juggling happening.

I have to pack the house up here. I don't have a vast amount of stuff, but enough to make it more than a trivial task. Particularly when my trips to Auckland mean that I loose half a day on each side of the trip. Travel can be bloody tiring!

Whilst I have lived in Auckland before, I had few friends there and have lost contact with them now, so I'll be rather on my own when I get there. It'll be good to make new friends and have places to go and things to do. It's one of the down sides of living here, there is little in the way of entertainment locally. I decided some time ago to take up golf again. I bought some clubs and was all set to go to the driving range and start getting some sort of swing back. Bugger! The driving range closed down shortly after I got my clubs! The nearest one is an hour's drive away which, by the time you have added the petrol cost makes it impractical at best. At least there are plenty of ranges and courses in Auckland!

Anyway, by the end of the month, one way or another, I shall be JAFA.

Watch out Auckland, here I come!

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Diabeteswife said...

Good luck with your move!