Friday, 21 December 2007

Pets, Drugs and Rock and Roll

A recent comment on an earlier post, Ritalin vs Rubifen ,prompts me to say a little about the symptoms of ADHD and the drugs used to ameliorate those symptoms. My comments are, of necessity, subjective but I have seen the medicated/unmedicated state of others with the problem

The symptoms -

My mind wanders. Not just occasionally but most of the time, to the extent that it is extremely difficult to concentrate on a task that is uninteresting or particularly difficult. Repetitive tasks are almost impossible. You remember the school punishment - One hundred lines "I must pay attention to teacher"? Well, for an ADHD sufferer that itsn't a punishment, it's a torture. For us, ten lines is a punishment, twenty is a severe punishment and anything over that is indescribable.

My mind will go off at a tangent. It doesn't matter how important the current situation is, it will go walk about. For example; I am in an important meeting trying to sell my services for lots of money and somebody walks past the window. My train of thought just derailed. Crashed and burned. I'm now thinking about how much I'm enjoying the book I'm reading or counting the number of cars going past per second. Annoying to say the least and I can't stop it happening.

Most people will engage brain before speaking. Not me! If I had a dollar for every time I've had my foot in my mouth I'd be a millionaire ten times over. Now think of the effects of those dropped bricks. How many people have I offended over the years? Did I want to offend them? Of course not, but I couldn't help myself when I did it.

Do people answering questions before you've finished asking them annoy you? They do me and I'm one of the worst culprits.

Do you have a "To Do" list? I do, sometimes. Do you prioritise that list? I do, sometimes. Do you complete the list? In the order of priority? I don't, ever!

We all daydream, to some extent. I daydream constantly only it isn't just A daydream, it's SEVERAL, simultaneously. Do you have a tune running round in your head? Some tunes just stick, don't they. Do you have half a dozen? I do (usually rock songs), and it's very annoying.

I guess we all fidget occasionally. I fidget a lot and I don't even know I'm doing it. I must have driven my teachers mad with my inability to sit still.

Those are just some of the symptoms of ADHD that I suffer from and have done all my life. However, I now take Dexamphetamine and every single one of them is significantly diminished. I don't even have a tune in my head at the moment. I managed to write this post too and, believe me, without Dexamphetamine or Methylphenidate, that just wouldn't have happened.

I'm not addicted to Dexamphetamine. I've been taking it for a year or so now. Some days I don't take any. Some days I take two, depending on what I'm doing. But I am not addicted to it. Nor was I addicted to Methylphenidate, which I took prior to Dexamphetamine.

The point of all this was Me's comment on the previous post.

Subsidies for an abuse addictive drug (Ritalin) don't make sense. Kids and adults need pets, not drugs.

To subsidise abuse of of Ritalin or any other drug would, of course, be madness. Personally, I am intolerant of drug abuse in any form and would not hesitate to inform the police of anyone who I found either abusing drugs or selling drugs illegally.

There is, to the best of my knowledge and experience, no evidence that either Methylphenidate or Dexamphetamine are addictive.

Pets (I have two much loved cats; my girls) and love and understanding are wonderful. We should all have them. For those of us who have ADHD and for whom medication is efficacious then we should have that medication available.

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..M.. said...

ADHD drugs are NOT addictive!
However, the feeling of being in control of our own thoughts is quite nice and can make the drug seem addictive. I wouldn't want to give up taking something that gave me a clear head and a chance to keep up with life!