Saturday, 22 December 2007

Caption Time

'M' over at Being 'M' caught this guy by the beach today and I'm sure he's saying something.

Over to you folks, captions in comments please.

© 'M', 2007


Anonymous said...

I have a caption for you.
"Hand over the bread or the ducks get it!"
Millie in Virginia

rog said...

"You are in my power - when you awake n you will have an overpowering urge to move back to Auckland! Resistance is foot-aisle! Jafa! Jafa! Jaf-jaf-jaf-Jafa!!!"

caramaena said...

'I can haz cheezburger?'

(sorry was just looking at the lolcats :) )

Celeste said...

Good post.