Sunday, 11 November 2007

Small, MEDIUM, Large

I had an interesting and enjoyable experience last night. I went to see Kelvin Cruickshank (His website is here), a well known medium. There is a TV show here called Sensing Murder (Website here) that has three mediums investigating unsolved murders. I have to be honest, I haven't seen the show myself as I don't watch TV, but I'm reliably informed that it is excellent.

I was, quite frankly, amazed. There were about a hundred people in the room and he discussed some of what he does and talked to a number of people, giving them messages from family members and others who had died.

I have always been a skeptic regarding communication with spirits, I am much less of a skeptic now. When he was talking to people, he was getting things right. He would talk to someone and ask them if so-and-so had died. I would say that 9 times out of 10 he would be right. He would ask them if they'd died of this-that-or-the-other and again, the majority of the time he would be right. He would then tell them what he was being told to tell them (by the spirit), regarding people and things in their life and yet again, those people and events would be pertinent.

Yes, there were some inaccuracies. Yes, there was some spurious stuff. Yes there were names that didn't make sense to the audience member he was talking to. However, the vast majority were spot on. If he'd been hammering nails then his thumb got very few hits!

You might think that the people in the audience were plants; paid to be there. Not a chance. The cost of paying that many people would bankrupt him in a hour.

There was no evidence that I could detect of the Forer Effect being used. He wasn't making generalised statements that people could find a fit for. Statements like "I'm talking to your mother and she died of cancer." or "Your father played bowls." aren't general. Very specific and more often than not, right.

He wasn't doing the "Is there anyone who has lost someone called John?" trick (known as shotgunning), where there are bound to be a number in the audience. He would ask for a microphone to be given to "That lady/gentleman there.". He would then talk to them directly and give usually accurate information. He started talking to one lady about a young man's suicide. There was no one in her family that had committed suicide. He then said that the young man had hung himself. He was right! Not a family member, but the lady in question had discovered a young man who had hung himself in the bush. Kelvin then went on to discuss a number of things with another lady and her sister, who was also in the audience. Kelvin was talking to their mother. He had the feeling of an excess of jewelery about the mother. And yes, the mother did wear a lot of jewelery, much more than average.

That is just one example, the rest of the evening was just as startling.

Am I convinced? No, but I'm a lot less sceptical than I was!

One day I hope to meet Kelvin or one of his colleagues in person and see if he can get an answer to my question to the spirits. I'd like to hear one word to show we are on the right track. I then would like two words. I plead for those two words, they are desperately important to me. Give me those two words and I will be totally convinced. There will be one less skeptic in the world.

In the meantime....

Thank you Kelvin!

P.S. If someone happens to have recordings of Sensing Murder then I think I'd rather like to watch them.


sonia said...

Hi there? I to was at Soul Food with you and Kelvin Cruickshank. An awesome guy, and no doubt Kelvin will be reading this. Kelvin you have a great sense of humour. A bit of a comedian. A Medium Comedian. Keep up the good work. I did ask my guilds to introduce me to you personally, but 0ops they did'nt listen. Ok that's enough of that. Hope to see you in the near future.

Regards Sonia. x0x

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I have just started watching Sensing Murder here in Australia (missed it the first time round), and have booked in to see Kelvin when he comes to Brisbane.
I understand your scepticism. But I have had similar experiences as Kelvin, and have not had the courage to really announce them to the world, for fear of retribution. A bit like dancing on stage after your very first lesson. How does one study listenig to dead people, I have pondered? I have recently had mass murder victims come to me with 'evidence' from an old massacre I knew nothing about, until they directed me to a website! But I have no courage to share this information, so I give Kelvin and others all the kudos on their fearlessness with expressing belief in themselves.
As for your two words - would they be 'there's hope?"
Kind regards, Colleen