Friday, 5 October 2007

The Diabetes OC Webring

I'm feeling all privileged now. I've been included in the Diabetes OC Webring. You'll find the ring navigation in the sidebar. Please, go for a browse round the ring.

I think it's wonderful what the web has given us. Before it we had the support of our local diabetics, if any. We got such information as the medical profession deigned to give us which, from memory, was close to zero. We were, to a greater or lesser degree, on our own.

We can now get more information than we can possibly handle. We can talk, via forums and blogs, with a host of other diabetics all over the world. We can get support when we need it and, we can GIVE support when others need it. That, to me, is a source of joy.

Take, for instance, Wife of a Diabetic. She has an outlet for her frustration and sorrow and a means of getting input from others that she could never have had before the net.

TuDiabetes, DiabetesForums, Six Until Me and Diabetes Mine, along with many other blogs and forums, give us all a chance to improve our diabetes and to help others improve their diabetes. We get the chance to ask questions about our problems and issues and the chance to answer the questions of others. We have access to the same information as the medical profession itself. Whether we can interpret it correctly is another matter! To give some idea of the amount of information we now have at our fingertips just goggle at the number of results Google gives for diabetes; ~36,500,000. That's one heck of a lot of information!

The point is that the internet has changed the world. Not just for diabetics, but for everybody. I can read and look at information on just about anything I want (And rather a lot that I don't want!). We can be aware of developments and events shortly after they happen. We can publish, to a very broad audience, our own thoughts and ideas.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau

Sixteen years ago you started something wonderful, the World Wide Web.

Thank you!

Billions of us have a great deal to be grateful to you for.

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AmyT said...

Welcome, Simon. Nice to have you on board!