Saturday, 22 September 2007

What the crutch?

It appears that crutches are considered an offensive weapon. Now, who would have thought that? Not me, that's for sure but the management of a night club in England seem to think so, as this article details.

I wonder what else would be considered an offensive weapon? Handbags? They're pretty effective. Glasses and bottles? Long recognised as a weapon of choice in nasty bar brawls. What other sharp things do people carry. I can't really think of any at the mome... AH! Yes, I can! All of us who are insulin dependent diabetics carry nice sharp needles and lancets and, of course, we would use those as offensive weapons at the first opportunity, wouldn't we?

Moi? Sarcastic? Damn right I am!

Here's a brief message for the management of the Hush Enigma Club in Newton Abbott, Devon.

Come down out of the trees and rejoin the human race.

1 comment:

Rog said...

Errm... but 'rejoin' would imply former membership of the human race, non?!