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I have been inteviewed by C-Dell over at Views Of The Silent Majority. I enjoyed the experience. It made me think about why I am here and what I am doing here. Thank you C-Dell. Here are my responses.

C-Dell > As an Englishman who now lives in New Zealand you have gained greater understanding of the world, and it's many cultures. What to you think of the United States influence on the world's political Landscape?

Simon > I have a feeling my answer will upset people. Frankly, I think US influence causes more trouble than it cures. Washington is very egocentric. The rest of the world has to do what the US says or get beaten down, if not physically then by trade sanctions and similar tactics. Whilst I accept that the US must look out for its own interests, they do appear to be rather selfish.

C-Dell > As a fifty-one year old man what are the main events in your view that lead to the current political climate?

Simon > I think you have to go back to September 1923, when the British Mandate In Palestine came into effect. That started the ball rolling for creation of Israel and that pissed off the (mostly Muslim) Arab population The fracas in the Middle East has been going on ever since, culminating in 9/11 and the other atrocities since then. Please, don't think that I blame Judaism or Islam, it was the League of Nations that generated the mandate and the British who implemented it. The Arabs were, quite reasonably, upset. If someone turned up on your land and decided to kick you out then you'd be a bit miffed too, wouldn't you? Events in the Middle East have changed the lives of everyone. I don't condone terrorism. I am quite sure that Mohamed and Jesus would be appalled and disgusted by the actions done in their name.

The other enormous event was the Second World War. It changed the face of the world.

C-Dell > What is the most important issue to you as of now?

Simon > I have a couple, but they are in different spheres.

Health - the vast profits made by the drug companies. They have a captive market, If you need the drug or appliance then you have to have it or loose quality of life, or loose life itself. The drug companies are very well aware of this and milk us for every cent they can.

World Politics - Creating harmony. Why can't we all live together in peace? It isn't so very difficult and for the future of mankind I believe it is essential. We will wipe ourselves out otherwise.

C-Dell > If you could relive any moment in your life which one would it be, and why to experience it again or change it?

Simon > Over the course of my life I have made a great many mistakes but, on the whole, I don't think I want to change any of them. If I changed them, then I wouldn't be who I am now. Whilst I still have (and always will have) many flaws, I am me and happy with where and what I am now. I have a past that has taught me much and from that, my future will, I hope, be better.

There is, however, one experience I would like to relive. As a child aged 10 or 11 I was taken to the film studios where the Thunderbirds puppet series was made. I spent the day watching them make the programmes. I as given a "real" Thunderbirds uniform, a "real" Thunderbirds model, lots of still pictures and all sorts of other goodies. My mother told me all this when I was in my early twenties because I don't remember it. Not a bit of it. It's is totally excised from my memory. Which, given that I must have been the envy of every other young boy in England, surprises me.

C-Dell > What do you gain from blogging?

Simon > There is an area of Hyde Park in London called Speakers Corner. You turn up there with your wooden box. Stand on it and start talking. People sill stop and listen or pass by. If those that stopped didn't like what they heard, they could heckle and employ rotten eggs and soft tomatoes as missiles, if the speaker was a complete nutter. My blog is much the same, but without the missiles! It gives me a vehicle to say what I think. I can let off steam. I can also, perhaps, make others think. I don't want them to change to my way of thinking, but if I can help open their eyes and get them thinking too then I'd be pleased.

I also have a creative side to me, and writing is an outlet for that. Perhaps, one day, I will write a best-selling book. I might also become Prime Minister. Ew! What an awful thought.

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