Thursday, 19 July 2007

Diabetic spouses

You all know that I'm a diabetic. It's my problem, I have to deal with it. What is sometimes rather less obvious is that diabetes effects the people around us too. Our families and partners have an important role to play in our lives. They may even be responsible for saving it. Those who love us get a pretty thin time of it as well. This is exacerbated if our diabetes is out of control.

There is a lady who writes about her experiences as the wife of a type 2 diabetic who is obviously wildly out of control. Her husband is having a bad time of it and will have a worse one. That lady is there for him through thick and thin. She loves him, stands by him and deals with it. She, and the other spouses in a similar position, deserve our support and admiration. Her blog is her way of venting her spleen. It's her outlet. Her husband won't talk about the problems and the poor lass has to have some outlet. Her blog provides that.

However, it seems that some diabetics can't see her role and the enormous contribution and sacrifice she is making for her husband. Rather than being supportive, she gets nasty anonymous comments.

Come on folks, diabetes is a large part of this lady's life. It doesn't have to be. She could walk away from her husband and leave him to it. She chooses not to. I think we should appreciate that and be supportive and positive.

Please, read what this lady has to say and be supportive. If you can't be supportive then leave her in peace. To be negative devalues her efforts. She is giving a large part of her life to her diabetic husband.

Personally, I think she deserves a medal, not approbation.


Anonymous said...

I can't read her anymore, she's said some really awful stuff about people with diabetes. She once told a single young woman with diabetes that she wouldn' wish life married to a person with diabetes on anyone. Which, basically, said to this young women "you are not worth marrying".

Her situation sucks (and it does), but I'm sad that she broadcasts such venom, calling us stupid, saying we can't read, etc.


Simon said...

Her yardstick is her husband's diabetes and frrankly, I wouldn't wish marriage to a diabetic on anyone either, if the diabetic was like her husband. Her husband would be in the running for the "Worst diabetic of 2007" award.

If you were in her position and your day-to-day view of diabetes was the same as hers, would you recommend marriage to a diabetic?

I wish I could find the post in which she said that. I expect that it wasn't directed at the single young woman specifically, but a general comment.

As for saying we can't read, she was being sarcastic. What irks her, I think, is that many people take er blog out of context and haven't worked out what it is or why it's there. It is her sole outlet. Her husband doesn't want to know, he won't engage in his diabetes. It's her blog for her to vent her spleen.

Please, understand that and try seeing things from her position.