Saturday, 21 July 2007

Been there, got the T-shirt

Whilst I've not been as bad as "Wife of a Diabetics" husband, I have been down the road he is traveling. For many years I ignored my diabetes. When I was on tablets, I took them if I remembered it, which is certainly less than half the time. I tested once in a blue moon, if that. I never bothered to go and see the endo. The only concession to dietary changes was that I started drink diet soda.

When I went on to insulin, I took it if I remembered it which wasn't that often. My A1c numbers where in double figures; when I bothered to have them done. I kept no records of what my numbers were doing.

Basically, I started to get neuropathy in my feet, my vision started to degenerate and I was having mood swings. Basically, I made no effort to control my diabetes and I was NOT a nice person to be with.

I don't think I was anywhere near as bad as her husband but if I was the face of diabetes then it would not look good.

Fortunately I got past all that. My A1c is consistently in the sixes (and I want to see the fives). I don't have many lows at all, and those I do have aren't major ones. My diet is somewhat better than it was. Yes, I still eat High GI foods with a high GL too. I also take enough insulin to deal with those foods and a meter reading above 10(180) is not that common and dealt with immediately. The neuropathy in my feet has improved dramatically. My vision is fairly stable and I don't have the foul mood swings that I used to.

As a partner, the old me sucked - major league sucked. The new me doesn't suck. The new me is worth having around (Well, I think I am.).

All I'm trying to say is, I've been a bad diabetic and a good one. I wouldn't wish a bad diabetic on anyone.

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whimsy2 said...

I came to your blog because I'm a regular reader of Wife of a Diabetic. I'm diabetic myself for 10 years, a very compliant one with non-diabetic A1Cs and no diabetic related complications. I work very hard to maintain this status. To me, it's worth every great effort to maintain my health and all my body parts in good working condition. I'm appalled at her husand's actions - or inaction, as the case truly is. So...I see you did the same thing for a long time. May I ask, what caused you to change your mind and start taking care of your body?